Let’s Walk

Here is a note of gratitude from someone with whom SVdP walked during a time of crisis: “I am writing to you to thank you very much for the housing and food assistance which I received from you recently. The check was most appreciated by my landlord and I have been enjoying the groceries all month. Someone must have been inspired to include those items; I didn’t expect them at all. I have even found a little bag of toiletries – so useful – thank you! Please just know how grateful I am, even more, for the loving kindness expressed to me by those who answer the phones, do the home visits and make the decisions on these issues.”

SVdP’s Walk a Mile in My Shoes, our second annual local walk, was recently held along the Bay Trail. This Walk helps raise awareness and funds for those whom we are blessed to serve – those locked out of opportunity. It was a beautiful day and many individuals and families from our community joined together to walk in support of our neighbors in need.

In his book, Peace Is Every Step, Thích Nhất Hạnh says, “Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” SVdP’s volunteers and benefactors walk every day with peace in their steps. Their generous support allows us to serve 31,000+ distinct individuals here in our county, nearly half of whom are children. SVdP is mindful of every step as we provide rent, utility and food assistance, clothing, beds and household goods, along with love and compassion. Blessed Frederic Ozanam, SVdP Founder, believed that charity knows no limits. The path of love we walk together with our neighbor in need is limitless as well.

“It’s about all of us, holding hands, together, in unity,” shared “Jane,” past SVdP Homeless Help Center guest, who was in and out of incarceration due to addictions, and is now a resident at SVdP Catherines’ Center. Jane said the world needs more places like SVdP, because it gives people hope.

As we are called to hold out our hands to those who call on us, we are grateful and blessed to be able to walk with them for as long as they need. With each step we are reminded of our mission to be there for and to help our brothers and sisters who are forgotten, suffering or deprived. These steps we take move us all toward peace and understanding – to walk together with our feet kissing the Earth.

Thank you.