Compassion in Action

Compassion in Action

St. Vincent de Paul’s volunteers and benefactors show love and compassion in their actions.   They give generously and offer hope to families and individuals in our community who are in crises.  By living out our faith to help others, we learn that when you give, love grows in the hearts and homes of our neighbors in need.

Giving compassionate assistance to single mom “Gina” is an example.  Gina has three children – a teenage daughter, 15, a son, 11, and a college age son.  She supports them as best she can with her job at a preschool.  Unfortunately, her hours were recently reduced putting a great strain on family finances.  Although she is looking for more work, she is struggling to make ends meet. Her college age son has taken time off school to help out the family. Gina needed help and with nowhere else to turn, she called SVdP’s Helpline.  Two Vincentian volunteers visited her and with need easily verified a rent payment was made to Gina’s landlord for the current month to keep the family housed and stable.  Providing a hand up during this crisis is what we are called to do – to hold hands, to walk with those who are forgotten, suffering, or deprived. She was very grateful.

SVdP’s supporters often reflect that volunteering here at SVdP changed their life and made it better; and that they are grateful for the friends made since becoming involved with our mission.

They are not alone in their assessment of what compassion can do for a soul:

  • Compassion makes you happy (giving more than receiving makes you happy)
  • Compassion makes you wise (refocuses you from being self-absorbed)
  • Compassion makes you attractive (kindness is a desired trait)
  • Compassion gives you money and time (when we give, our sense of plenty increases)
  • Compassion uplifts and spreads (happiness diffuses)
  • Compassion is 100 percent natural (human beings are innately loving, generous, and kind)

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So, thank you to all of St. Vincent de Paul’s supporters for showing compassion in action to our neighbors in need and to all of our community.  As the Dalai Lama tweeted, “Pay more attention to compassion and you’ll find you’re happier. It’s that practical and simple.”