Adult Ministry

We help ex-offenders re-establish their lives.

Incarcerated Adults

SVdP’s Restorative Justice Chaplain and 60+ volunteers offer pastoral care for 3,000+ incarcerated adult men and women detained in the adult and juvenile facilities in San Mateo County and at San Quentin State Prison.

    • One-on-one visits and pastoral care for the incarcerated
    • Religious instruction (RCIA)
    • Small group discussion facilitation
    • Scripture studies or Centering Prayer
    • Bibles, religious literature and material

Re-entry Programs for Adults

For the public benefit, SVdP provides re-entry opportunities for those returning after incarceration to build a safer and healthier community for all. We help ex-offenders re-establish their lives upon release by assisting with temporary housing costs, job training and placement. Many of our services are available at our three Homeless Help Centers.

Those on parole are informed at the bi-weekly Parole and Community Team (PACT) meetings of the support services available, such as assistance with ID’s, clothing, food, shelter vouchering (if eligible), rental support, and employment options (if available).

Those on probation receive similar services as for parolees.